What WE do.

  • ASSIST — you with obtaining medical records if needed and process your state application
  • CONDUCT — a physical consultation
  • PRINT — your application for signature and immediate notarization
What YOU do.
  • BRING — your valid Nevada driver license or ID
  • BRING —  $99 CASH for all processing fees as well as physician consultation for a 1-Year Medical Card (NV)
  • BRING — $199 CASH for all processing fees as well as physician consultation for a 2-Year Medical Card (NV)
  • BRING — $40/$100 CASH For an Out of State Medical Marijuana Card
  • SIGN    —  your application then VISIT The Apothecary Shoppe to Submit your Application to the State Registry

The State of Nevada (or another state for out of state cards) will mail your Official Medical Marijuana Card directly to you after they complete the background check.

In 2013 the Nevada Legislature voted in favor of a medical marijuana initiative allowing medical marijuana doctors to offer safe, regulated access to medical cannabis. In addition to allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, the law provides protections for out-of-state patients by allowing them to obtain a Doctor referral and purchase Marijuana as well.  In 2016 Nevada voters approved Question 2 allowing the purchase and use of Cannabis for recreational use, however, the limit is far less, only 1oz and it is still not approved for sale at Dispensaries as the state must work out the tax structure.  Purchasing Cannabis with a Medical Marijuana card will ensure you do not pay extra in taxes and it can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year!

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